Transmission Servers & Storage

For Broadcast and Distribution Services Using Manual or Traditional Automation Systems
K2 Summit 3G Transmission clients are built for broadcast and distribution services using manual or traditional automation systems — with mission critical, 24/7/365 reliability. Each K2 Summit 3G Transmission client comes with two HD/SD bidirectional channels and two HD/SD playout channels to give you the configuration variety you need — including two record and two playout, to models with four playout channels. Plus you get built-in up/down/crossconversion capability with full AFD, so migrating from SD to HD is worry-free.

K2 Central TX is an extension of the K2 storage line that provides a cost-effective, easy to integrate shared storage solution designed for transmission applications. K2 Central TX supports up to five K2 Summit clients and up to 20 channels of 100 Mb/s video streams simultaneously. The integrated approach to shared storage includes the server, storage
and network connectivity in one chassis, providing for quick installation and simple configuration on-site. The benefits to the user include reduced cost of implementation and simplification of operation without compromising on performance.

The K2 10G RAID Storage System with SAS storage drives gives you 8 Gb/s Fiber Channel hardware RAID controllers, redundant connectivity, hot-swappable power supplies and high-performance bandwidth delivery, so you have the bandwidth and redundancy you need.